• WebRTC offers realtime communication native from web-browser
  • WebRTC is a media engine with JavaScript APIs

WebRTC is both a "Browser tech" and "Software stack"

WebRTC 1.0

  • Standard Specification
  • Handled by the IETF and W3C

  • The open source project (Google)
  • Holds an implementation of the WebRTC specification
  • Can be used by anyone for anything

WebRTC is both an open source project (=Software Stack) and a standard specification (=Browser Tech)

WebRTC has 3 main APIs

  • GetUserMedia

    Gain access to to camera, microphone or screen of the device

  • PeerConnection

    Does everything... encodes, decodes media, sends it over the network, takes care of NAT traversal, etc.

  • DataChannel

    Send arbitrary data directly between browsers - your low latency friend for whatever it is you want