Supplies for cat!


  • 2 Bowls
    • 1 food bowl
    • 1 water bowl
  • Cat food
  • Litter box
    • Litter sand
    • Scoop


  • Wet Wipes
  • Nail Scissor
  • Cat Shampoo

Vaccines and general health:

  • There are some vacancies they need to take, this course goes for once in every month for three months and it repeats once every year from there onwards. Your vet best person to talk about this.
  • Deworming usually between 3 - 6 moths (depends on the vet)
    • I also get the general check done whenever we go for deworming or vaccination

For Play:

I think cats don't really need special toys or any toys. They are quite smart and know how to keep themselves busy. Usually at home we give our cat cardboard boxes we get from amazon and she uses them for scratching and play. also if you have large tray/ basket you can convert it into comfy bed for the cat.

Some things you can consider, if you are willing to spend

  • Teaser
  • Cat tree
  • Soft toys with catnip

Cat food, is difficult to suggest because what I read is it is mostly trial and error. Initially our cat was on a wet + dry food diet but during COVID19 lockdown she was only having dry food of a particular brand and she is addicted to it now.

I suggest you be careful and make sure they are not getting addicted to food, it could be brand or food type. Once they get addicted they won't eat anything else including TREATS!


  • Collar with tag and your contact on it
  • Cat tracker
    • radio signal tracker
    • gps
  • Crate/Carrier

Cats are curious so they might wander outside the house, which can be dangerous because other cats/dogs may attack them or they can also get lost. Cat tracker should help in finding them and collar with contact details is a safe backup if ever someone else finds your cat they can reach you.

Cats are generally misunderstood to be selfish in nature and not loyal. This is blatantly wrong observation, cats take time to trust anyone and once they start trusting, you are irreplaceable (also it is very easy to loose their trust, so DON'T EVER SNAP ON THEM)

They don't like petting much, there is limit to how much you are allowed to do and it depends on their mood.

  • They are quick and also have motion sickness so make sure they are comfortable and have enough space in the crate while travelling with them

      Tip: Cover the crate with a blanket or anything if it is dark they usually
      sit idle and stay calm otherwise the visual movement can make them anxious.
  • DONT LEASH YOUR CAT, i know couple of people who do it but I feel cats should be free as their preferred route is through bushes or trees. I suggest investing in a cat tracker over a leash

  • NEVER CUT THEIR WHISKERS, whiskers are these white hair like strings between their mouth and nose. They are essential for them as they use it to navigate, balance and sense.

Also spay or neuter them so they won't be able to conceive/ impregnate other cats. I recommend doing this because there are more than the number of cats we can take care off. What I saw is basically some cat parents let their male cats go out and they mate with stray cats, and later they don't take responsibility of this pregnant cat or its children. I remember one cat in our neighbourhood which got pregnant 3/4 times in 2 years.

It is important to neuter/spay for controlling stray cats population and also to avoid unwanted pregnancy. You can get them spayed/ neutered once they reach 6 months.