Setting up new mac

I use a script that does most of the hard lifting of installing all dependencies I need and setting up some sensible macOS default.

The script is in .macos, and we run this with bash. These are the things that this script does

  • Create workspace directory
  • Install homebrew
  • Brew Install git, gh, watchman, tree, bat, delta, leiningen, yarn, clojure
  • NPM global install expo-cli
  • Brew Cask install all the applications I user.
  • Next, we generate the SSH key to paste in Github.
  • Copy all the other dot files to the root directory.

After this, we make some sensible changes to macOS defaults. Most of this bit is from Mathias’s dotfiles

Most of the other scripts are from Kent C Dodds, dotfiles repo, I love the emoji prompt he uses. I used almost the same zshrc with some minor changes where I added a couple of aliases of my liking and paths that I need.

The project is structured to have all required dotfiles. Mainly we have .aliases, .functions, .gitconfig, and .zshrc.

I also do these other changes along with running the script,

  • Disable Siri
  • Big Cursor
  • Change finder to alfred (once installed)
  • Remove everything from dock except for Finder and Trash
  • Turn Dock Hiding on
  • Set terminal and VSCode font to FiraCode